Health, Safety, Security, & Environmental Policy

Hercules Transport, Inc.

Health, Safety, Security, & Environmental Policy


Hercules Transport, Incorporated’s never ending goal is to do
“No Harm to Individuals, Property, or the Planet which we all share”
While we endeavor to provide outstanding quality service to our customers and stakeholders.
This goal will be relentlessly pursued by the skilled Managers and Safety Staff providing
Leadership, training, and tools to committed workforce team of employees with an
Unwavering dedication to work safely while we provide exceptional service.

Hercules Transport, Inc. will:

Maintain the highest standards of hiring practices,
Provide continuous and comprehensive training of all employees
Investigate HSSE events and implement corrective actions as needed
Provide tools and equipment maintained to the highest standards
Take responsibility for minimization of impact to the environment
Promote continuous improvement through scheduled review of existing programs in
Place and implementation of new policy and programs as required and indicated
Hercules Transport, Inc. is committed to the full compliance with all regulatory requirements as well as
the adherence to the Responsible Care® Guiding Principles to which we are subject to or subscribe.
Hercules Transport Inc. business performance and activities are tantamount to our corporate well being as
well as to our stakeholders. We pledge to promote openness and communication with all our customers
and stakeholders.


 Rev 3.0 July 2016 Hercules Transport, Inc.
Tom O’Neal
Hercules Transport, Inc. | Responsible Care
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