Our staff apply their expertise in the field and in the duty stations where they have the greatest impact.

Hercules Transport, Inc.

Staff Name Position Location Phone # Email
Tom O’Neal President Choudrant, LA (318) 768-4129
Billy Cox Chief Financial Officer Choudrant, LA (318) 768-4129
Mark St. John Controller Choudrant, LA (318) 768-2534
Jamie Land Human Resource Manager Choudrant, LA (318) 768-2511
John Neal Safety / Compliance Officer Choudrant, LA (318) 768-2534
Joe Williams Terminal Manager Choudrant, LA (318) 768-2534
Terry Wilson Director of Purchasing and Cost Control Choudrant, LA (318) 548-0412
Virginia Bowen Administrative / Dispatch Manager South Louisiana (337) 662-7279
Tommy Hopkins Terminal Manager Carville, LA (225) 642-3391
Rod Pitts Marketing Director Houston, TX (713) 444-8666
Vijay Rajaji Chemical Sales Manager Houston, TX (713) 470-8686
Robert Phillips Terminal Manager Dayton, TX (281) 385-0705
Cecil Williams Flare Manager Dayton, TX (832) 514-9610
Jackie Shields Driver Recruiter Louisiana and Texas (318) 245-7015
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